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Stone Baskets

UroGyn Medical 4 wire nitinol baskets are available in 1.9fr, 2.4fr, and 3.0fr., with lengths of 115cm and 90 cm. The parabolic shaped basket with a high shoulder enhances stone capture and manipulation. Nitinol wire impedes kinking and provides consistent basket configuration. A 1mm minimally projecting round ball tip allows atraumatic kidney tissue interface.

4 wire flat wire baskets are available in 2.4fr, and 3.0fr, with lengths of 90cm and 115cm. Made of stainless steel, the proprietary process used for shaping and forming gives the basket exceptional expansion force in the ureter. We also offer a 3.0fr flat wire with 5cm filiform tip.

A lightweight handle with thumb control provides one hand use and secure stone control. Handle/Basket sheath bonding and strain relief enhance control, while the thin and strong polyimide sheath maximizes torqueability.




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